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The Staff

Teresa Rhyne
Chris Kern
Michelle Pierce
Laureen Pittman
Seamus "the famous"

Michelle Pierce began working with Teresa at Carney & Delany on March 2, 2007 1 and she is the first voice and face most clients encounter at The Teresa Rhyne Law Group. 2 Michelle was born and raised in Cherry Valley, California, where they actually do grow cherries. Her family didn’t grow cherries on their vast 32 acres—but they did raise all kinds of animals, which is why Michelle is a devout animal lover today. Growing up she was surrounded by horses (including a pony named Buddy), cows, chickens, dogs, cats, pigs and even a peacock. 3 Michelle attended Baptist Christian High School in Hemet. Her first foray into the working world after graduation was in the mortgage field as a mortgage processor/underwriter. Her decision to move out of the mortgage field and into the legal field was made at the perfect time. Perfect for Michelle because she got out of the unstable mortgage industry just in time. Perfect for Teresa and her clients because they get Michelle! Michelle lives in Beaumont with her husband, Jeff and her cute, well-behaved Chihuahua named Shaq. 4 During her free time, 5 she loves to spend quality time with her huge family and friends in Beaumont and at “The River.” 6

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