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The Staff

Teresa Rhyne
Chris Kern
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Seamus "the famous"

Seamus is the resident office beagle and perhaps the most famous member of The Teresa Rhyne Law Group. He certainly has the most colorful past. As a youngster, he was picked up roaming the mean streets of Moreno Valley 1 and taken to the pound, where he gained early release for good behavior 2 when the good folks at the Riverside Humane Society Pet Adoption Center spotted him and decided he deserved a second chance. Seamus spent all of three days at RHSPAC before Teresa came in and followed his commands 3 that she adopt him immediately. Teresa and Seamus had a glorious six months fighting for control of their household before Seamus was diagnosed with cancer and won every argument thereafter. Two surgeries and six months of chemo later, 4 Seamus beat all the odds and now, cancer-free for three years, he rules the universe with an iron paw. Seamus visits the office now and then, mostly for lunch (whatever time of the day it is). His official duties include greeting visitors, cleaning out trash cans, searching client’s purses (gum? candy? anyone?) and providing some much needed humor in an otherwise very staid law office. 5

Seamus’ favorite things are food, walks on the beach, toast, sunsets, food, naptime, food, walks, food, time at Waggin’ Tails Day Camp, food, belly rubs, toast, sitting on the top step of the pool, steak, food, hamburgers, food, treats, and food. 6

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