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What is Estate Planning?
What is my “Estate”?
Who needs an Estate Plan?
Who are “they”?
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What does an estate plan cost?
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What does an estate plan cost?

This probably should have been listed first, since it really is a frequently asked question. 6 Everybody wants to know what the fees will be. The annoying lawyer answer would be “it depends.” And it does. It’s like asking “what’s a car cost?” But which car? There’s a used Yugo and then there’s a Bentley. Somebody has a use and even a need for each of those types of cars. There aren’t any used Yugos on the lot, so to speak, at the Teresa Rhyne Law Group, but we can let you know that a well-prepared, thorough, basic estate plan that includes a will, a trust, a health care directive, and a durable power of attorney starts at $2,000 for a single person. Considering we’re dealing with everything you own and everyone you love, that’s pretty reasonable.

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